BOMB Magazine — Four Poems by Darin Ciccotelli

"Like a fritillary it ekes along the perimeter of what you can see." 

  • BOMB Magazine — Kate Durbin by Gabriela Jauregui

    Literary television, tragicomic starlets, and objects galore.

  • BOMB Magazine — Paper Clip #71 by Ryan Sheldon

    Paper Clip: Matthew Young, Concrete Poetry and soccer, the state of experimental cinema, visions of youth throughout the ages, Jean Cocteau’s religious murals, and “short stories” by photographer Matthew Henry. 

  • BOMB Magazine — Josef Kubota Wladyka

    Companionship and levity emerge from the exploitation of the drug trade.

  • BOMB Magazine — Portfolio by John Dante Bianchi

    Between painting and sculpture.

  • BOMB Magazine — from Blonde Summer by Andrew Durbin

    "We dared one another to watch ever stranger, uglier clips from the deep web…" New fiction from Andrew Durbin.

  • BOMB Magazine — OOIOO by Scott Davis

    Nature, melody, and the primal urge to make music.

  • BOMB Magazine — Paper Clip #70 by Ryan Sheldon

    A conversation between Jafar Panahi and Vadim Rizov, kitsch poetics, and a new music collection chosen by DJ Bloodfaceman.

  • BOMB Magazine — Coco Fusco by Elia Alba

    Fusco discusses being a provocateur, Planet of the Apes, and the “wow” factor of Cuban Art.

  • BOMB Magazine — Chris Corsano by Michael Barron

    The cross-pollination of noise and high-energy improvised music.

  • BOMB Magazine — Three Poems by Gale Nelson

    "Instill this lost vault’s moist coins with silent, tender patterns"

  • BOMB Magazine — David Ohle by JA Tyler

    Camera-eye in the future ruin, “freedom” prison, and cutting up the news.

  • BOMB Magazine — Paper Clip #69 by Ryan Sheldon

    Paper Clip: Teju Cole on Dina Kelberman, Japanese silent film, Aaron Kunin on “tickling,” genetic surveillance art, and music by Solaris.

  • BOMB Magazine — Chris Domenick by Natasha Marie Llorens

    From science to cyber-punk: an artist and a curator read his works via books.

  • Contemporary Poetry Marathon Reading

    The NADA Contemporary Poetry Marathon Reading from May 10, 2014.