BLAST FROM THE PAST: Ben Marcus by Courtney Eldridge

Ben Marcus I must have bought 50 or 60 woodworking books. My skills don’t reflect that at all, and yet I have this library. I’ve read them all cover to cover, I reread them, I take them into the bathroom. I read them instead of fiction.

Courtney Eldridge Do you enjoy the language of the books, the writing?

BM Yeah, I do, but I feel kind of on the tail end of my romance with the fictional uses of nonfiction. I’ve pretty much rubbed that idea into the dirt, had my fun with it. I used to more or less pick up any book of nonfiction and feel really inspired by how close it could be to being fiction if you tweaked it. I would read it as though it were fiction.

CE Which leads to mimicry.

BM Yeah, but it’s also being available to a different component of language other than fictional narrative language. I don’t have the exact, ready excitement about that idea anymore.

BOMB 89, Fall 2004