Blast From The Past: Miranda July by Rachel Kushner

RK I see you as having gone from more experimental-type short films to a rather conventionally plotted feature (i.e., coincidences suture everyone in the film together, and the ending is unequivocably happy). I’m wondering if, now that you’ve established that you can successfully make a more classically-structured feature, if you’ll return to making something less conventional, with characters that are less burdened by the requirements and simplifications of plot?

MJ I have a gigantic plan, Rachel, and it involves performance, and fiction, and radio, and the www, and TV and features that are both “conventional” and totally not. And when I am done with my plan, when I am very old, hopefully there will be a little more space for people living with profound doubt to tell their stories in all different mediums. Also Hollywood won’t be so sexist. I’m laughing as I type this because I really mean it! But one thing at a time.